Connections - Objects in relation and context

26 May, Irina Nicolau room, The National Museum of The Romanian Peasant

On Thursday, 26 May at 6 pm we invite you to make associations and connections. We propose an exhibition that will last sixteen days in which you, the visitor, are the main character, because it will depend on you what objects will be chosen to exhibit together in order to create a story. For this we took out conventional and unconventional objects from the deposits of the museum, objects that are to be placed in historical context. Which of these do or do not belong to the Romanian peasant? This is another question that needs to be answered. It is important that we go back into the deposits and archives, to search them thoroughly in order to take out objects good for making fresh connections with one another. Some objects were brought to the museum more than one hundred years ago. Some have been included in national exhibitions, while others have come from overseas or from the wardrobe of an uncle in Galați, a provincial town in eastern Romania.
Objects will have a designated number that corresponds to a written story about the life of the particular object. We have chosen ones that are visually most suggestive. As we said before, it depends on you what kind of connections you will make and what kind of peasant (Romanian or not) you think of. The exercise of imagination and connectivity is for all! We welcome everyone!