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Irina Nicolau, ethnologist and writer, co-organizer, together with Horia Bernea, of the Romanian Peasant Museum, coordinator of 6 volumes of oral memory, author of 8 books of alternative ethnology, creator of object-books, clothes and jewels; she loved kitsch objects, she loved her friends and she loved to play.

One day, it must have been nineteeneightysomething, I received a letter from Irina. She had managed to travel to Athens, to visit her aunt. I must also tell that she had first received an official negative answer from the Passport Department and she had been forced to request an audience at the Militia, hoping she would change their mind. She prepared thoroughly, she combed her hair back, tied it with a white ribbon and gathered it at the back of her neck, she wore a blue shirt with a white little collar, a straight dress, no make-up, she removed her famous rings and she took care that she looks stupid and poor. I don’t remember what she told the officer or whoever, but she finally obtained the passport. And thus I return to the letter I received from Athens! An elegant envelope, smelling of occidental glue, that I opened respectfully with the coupe-papier, only to find a piece of toilet paper inside, written upon with brown ink: THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL HERE. RIRI

Much later, in 2000, we made an album on Sibiel icons together with a younger friend. Thanks to Irina’s design, the book turned out to be a beautiful object. However, because of the bad binding, the colorful pages would fly away at the first skimming through the volume. Every time she gave the book as a present, Irina would write in the dedication: TO BE READ PREFERABLY CLOSED. RIRI

What is there to learn from these two stories? Well, first of all, that Irina Nicolau felt she was RIRI; secondly, that she had the gift of writing the essential, in simple words, short and very telling; thirdly, that she liked to work with her friends. And, in general, that she knew how to transform the unpleasant and the mistake in funny and memorable accidents.

Unfortunately, most of her books appeared in minuscule number of copies and where thus read mainly by her friends (Irina gave away as gifts everything she received as author’s rights and then bought some more so she could continue to make presents) and borrowed by her friends’ friends. The generous friendship, floating around her like mist led to a phenomenon manifest only after she left us: a sui generis community was formed of very different people who feel close to each other only by virtue of the feelings she had unveiled in them; some had just discovered her, other had known her for a long time and grew apart for whatever reasons; some, very young, were professionally formed by her, others adopted her (or were adopted?) as close relative.

Ioana Popescu

Târgul lui Brumar | 22 - 24 noiembrie 2019

Piața Țărănească și Meșter(Ești)! organizează Târgul lui Brumar de vineri, 22 până duminică, 24 noiembrie 2019, la Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român. Programul este între orele 10.00 și 18.00, iar intrarea este liberă și se face prin strada Monetăriei numărul 3.

Zeci de producători, meșteri, artizani și colecționari aduc cu ei roade bune, obiecte tradiționale și de colecție. Vă invităm într-o călătorie culinară, dar și etnografică prin toate zonele țării.

Puteți degusta preparate tradiționale, dulcețuri și zacuști, siropuri naturale, păstrăv afumat, kürtős kalács, brânzeturi și țuici, miere și vin, plăcinte și prăjituri, fructe și legume românești și puteți târgui piese de port tradițional din Muscel, Banat, Moldova, Mehedinți, Vlașca, Gorj sau Vâlcea.

Colecționarii aduc obiecte din gospodăria țărănească, mobilier, bijuterii, porțelanuri, ceramică și fel de fel de obiecte vechi care refac atmosfera caselor țărănești și de oraș din vremuri de demult.

Meșterii vor fi prezenți cu obiecte din lemn, sticlă, vitralii, icoane, ii, bijuterii, marochinărie, jucării, cojoace, obiecte croșetate, lână împâslită sau cosmetice naturale.

În cadrul evenimentului partenerii noștri de la Cantus Mundi București vor susține două recitaluri: Corul Magic - 23 noiembrie, ora 10.00 și Maxicor - 24 noiembrie, ora 17.00, coordonate de dirijor Angelica Baciu.

Organizator: Asociația Urban Events
Corina Berariu
0744 860 082



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