Martor Nr. 10

The colours of transition

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Sumar / Sommaire / Table of contents

Petre Popovăţ
Subjective timeline of the ‘90s
Şerban Anghelescu
The colours of transition

Rumours, gossips and opinions

Maria Mateoniu
My generation among generations
Zoe Petre
The age of the lost innocence

Student’s strike

Alina Iordache
The day when the bats arrive
Vlad Manoliu
Universităţii Square
Victoria Moţoc
The summer of our discountent
The miners on the miner riots
Smacked by the miners

Vlad Manoliu
,,The days of the national shame’’
The Group for Social Dialogue

Vlad Manoliu
Another type of television

Television after 1990. The nation’s chemistry

Filip Florian
Bread and journalism
Football ‘90
Zoe Petre
Victoria Moţoc
Through the cigarette smoke
Vlad Manoliu
Second-hand bookshops
Ciprian Voicilă
Books and music
Călin Torsan
Another egorhythm. Algorithm for the concealing of the own self
Alex. Leo Şerban
Charts and paradigms
Bitter honey
Byzantium or Istanbul?

Petre Popovăţ
The passport
Trading in clothes, silver, fake precious stones and tobacco

Petre Popovăţ
Primitive accumulation of capital
The traders
From state-owned business to private business
If somebody tells you “tomorrow”, this means “it can’t be done”

Monica Cherecheş, Claudia Băltăşoiu
The real estate market in the ‘90s
Shop windows
Through market economy: from one astonishment to the next

Petruţa Burcea
Second hand
Livia Gheorghiţă
Aid transports and clothes
Despina Bădescu
The ‘90s or the arrival or fruit yoghurt into our lives
My supermarket
Dorobanţi private market
Fast food
Old and new mentalities
Internet café

Liviu Chelcea
The ambiguities of kinship and ownership during housing restitution in Bucharest
Flavia Jurca
The perfect female body, a socially constructed individual obsession?
The small entrepreneur
Reforms, reforms

Cora Moţoc
My America
Alexandru Bălăşescu
Scholarships for studying abroad during the ‘90s
Daniela Alexandrescu
Bucharest-Cluj, via Ploieşti
Petre Popovăţ
Fragments from a diary in Iberia
Vintilă Mihăilescu
The first east-west encounter

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