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One of the greatest contemporary Romanian painters, whose exhibitions inside and outside the country remained permanent landmarks in the field. From 1990 to his death in 2000 he was director of the Romanian Peasant Museum. He established an original style in European ethnomuseography which he liked to call nascent or flickering museology.
I learned from him that you must not hurry or get stubborn when you want to accomplish a project. You first have to think about it really well, to see if your initial idea is correct. Nobody saw better than he did. Then you should consult with others, preferably with those whom you know to have different opinions. Then you try to take into account all these remarks, arguing against those you reject and including those that can enrich the project. Then you wait, germinate, preparing the illumination. For Horia Bernea, illumination meant the conviction that the idea was convergent with the faith – freely chosen to be the Christian faith. Only then, the project could start the adventure of the mise-en-oeuvre. Only then, could the miracle of the formation of the team happen. I haven’t yet met anyone so capable of constructing little punctual families with people, all too human, to transform their weaknesses in creativity, their complexes in personal style, their frustrations in a new enthusiasm, their preferences in wish for collective accomplishment.
He was not afraid to shock, to irritate, to incite. He contaminated us with courage by asking difficult questions – what do you see here? What do you think about this? What do you understand? Why don’t you like it? – or by simply inviting us to contradict him. It wasn’t and it is still not easy. But nothing that we do at the museum under his wing is easy.

Ioana Popescu

20 iulie - 15 august 2021

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant alongside the Center of Excellence in Architecture, Arts and Audiovisual are pleased to invite you to the opening of “EXPERIMETRU” exhibition on the 20th of July at 6:00 p.m.

“EXPERIMETRU” presents three elaborate experiments outside the daily perimeter created by three contemporary personalities in the fields of architecture, restoration and fine arts: Matei Luca STOIAN, Graziella STOIAN and Nicolae STOIAN.

This artistic project presented, first to the wide public from the capital of Italy at “Accademia di Romania” from Rome, is exhibited today in Bucharest, being hosted by the Romanian Peasant National Museum during the period of 20th of July to 15th of August at Media Hall, entering from no. 3 Monetariei Street. This artistic project which was exhibited in the private art galleries from six european capitals: Rome, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Mainz, Luxembourg and Vienna is today presented to the public of Bucharest. Concerned with finding new means of expression in their work, the artists successfully rely on visual and sensory perception.

“EXPERIMETRU” exhibition represents the creations of three contemporary artists: Graziella STOIAN, Nicolae STOIAN and Luca Matei STOIAN, members of the Union of Plastic Artists from Romania, creations that have a special place in the artistic practice of the XXI century, by spreading unique colors, “these are differentiated by smooth, fibrous, calm or tensioned textures, which by capturing the light, create a savant compositional game in light and shadow, specific to the contemporary art.”

This exhibition, marked by a multitude of art works of large format, created on a various support-surfaces with mixed materialities, compose under the exhibition’s concept “EXPERIMETRU" a symbiosis of contemporary art works, a concept that is outstanding in its uniqueness and which presents to specialists and to the wide audience which loves contemporary art, a creative reinterpretation through an abstractization in the plastic arts.

“EXPERIMETRU " exhibition is open for visiting for the general public during the period of 20th of July till the 15th of August 2021, at Media Hall, entering from no. 3 Monetariei Street, at Romanian Peasant National Museum.

E X P E R I M E T R U artistic project’s coordinator and curator:

Luca Matei Stoian, Ph.D., Architect
Main Partners: Romanian Peasant National Museum

Partners: Lucas & Partners Architecture Studio, Igloo Media, M.N.G. ART S.R.L., CATENA, GLULAM S.A., GIP.S.R.L. ANNWINE .

Institutional Partners: The Union of Plastic Artists from Romania, The Order of Architects from Romania – Bucharest Territorial Branch, “George Enescu” National College of Music, The Union of Architects from Romania.

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