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Whatever others may feel, we feel at home in our Museum. We feel good here, we like to look around the rooms with painted walls, full of beautiful, surprising or simply familiar objects. We feel closer to our parents and know there are stories here to share with our children. Working together everyday, we sometimes feel like a big family. Do you hesitate to believe us? Come to the Peasant Museum and see for yourself…

Archaic symbols and signs in Maramureș culture

17 septembrie, ora 16.00, Cărtureşti MNŢR

This present research attempts a brief and eclectic incursion in the world of several archaic symbols and signs from Maramureș and North Transylvania, especially the ones regarding the sun cult and the Great Goddess, by following the history of these signs and plastic structures over several thousand years.

This research follows both scientific aspects of the signs and the plastic archetypes studied, as far as they can be measured scientifically, as well as the hermeneutics of the signs, works or artefacts of the study. 

The main archaic signs and symbols studied are: the broken line (zigzag), rhombus, the spiral, the triangle, the Traditional knot from Maramures, the solar symbol, the solar rope, the tree of life and others.

All of these are followed from their popular recognition to the influences they underwent and all the way through the present moment.

The type of analysis this research proposes by studying, performing or inventing a new conceptual grammar or new codes of semantic approach, leads to the enrichment of the area of analysis of the artistic objects inherited by Romanian culture in its history and prehistory.

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