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Whatever others may feel, we feel at home in our Museum. We feel good here, we like to look around the rooms with painted walls, full of beautiful, surprising or simply familiar objects. We feel closer to our parents and know there are stories here to share with our children. Working together everyday, we sometimes feel like a big family. Do you hesitate to believe us? Come to the Peasant Museum and see for yourself…

Discovering the world, at home and at school

Childhood Museum
The fourth exhibition, the fourth hall

September 14th – October 14th 2012, Irina Nicolau Hall
The National Romanian Peasant Museum

The National Romanian Peasant Museum is waiting for you on Friday, September 14, 2012 at 6 PM at the opening of the fourth exhibition of the Childhood Museum, Discovering the world, at home and at school. The event will take place on Irina Nicolau Hall.
It is said that, since the first day of our life, we start dying little by little. While this may be possible, throughout our childhood curiosity is the one that saves us. From this perspective, the ones who feed our hunger for discoveries of the child are parents and the school. Thus they become responsible for the performance of the future adult and at the same time, more importantly, for keeping our inquisitiveness fresh for as long as possible.
Whether in villages or in big cities, in libraries or beyond their walls, children learn by the same means, through observation, mimicry, enquiry and response, in other words, through permanent communication. 
Much can be said about the way the little ones discover the world, or about the way it always reveals itself from the beginning. Some of these stories can be discovered in this fourth temporary exhibition, part of a European project called “Childhood. Remains and Heritage”.
The exhibition Discovering the world, at home and at school can be visited until October 14, 2012, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 AM to 6 PM. Entrance is free.

Co-organizatori: Muzeul Naţional al Ţăranului Român, Asociaţia Artees, Muzeul Lebork, Institutul Cultural Român

Parteneri: Ministerul Culturii şi Patrimoniului din România, Mercury360

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