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Whatever others may feel, we feel at home in our Museum. We feel good here, we like to look around the rooms with painted walls, full of beautiful, surprising or simply familiar objects. We feel closer to our parents and know there are stories here to share with our children. Working together everyday, we sometimes feel like a big family. Do you hesitate to believe us? Come to the Peasant Museum and see for yourself…

Recoveries, restitutions, restorations

September 14 – October 7, 2012

The Network of Collections and Private Rural Ethnographic Museums in Romania (RECOMESPAR), along with its partners, the National Romanian Peasant Museum, The National Fine Arts University in Bucharest, the ”Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu and the Astra National Museum Complex, invites you on Friday, September 14, 2012 at 5 PM, at the opening of the exhibition Recoveries, restitutions, restorations.

The exhibition is part of a wider project (Private ethnographic from Romania. Restoration of the cultural material patrimony, a path towards sustainable development) funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration, aimed at restoring the patrimony objects that do not belong to ethnographic museums, whose patrimony is protected by authorities and central or local cultural institutions, but to private ethnographic collections. For the first time, student restorers from prestigious universities and the owners of ethnographic collections of great interest have met on the ”barricades” to save the patrimony, recover the objects, return and restore them to the cultural circuit. Supported by academics and specialists from the Astra National Museum Complex, students have restored eighteenth- and nineteenth-century icons and hand crosses, vests, pottery, a dowry chest, a sixteenth-century carpenter’s chest from Brădeni, a salt barrel and other objects brought from 23 particular collections throughout the country, from Bukovina to Banatului Mountains, from Galați, to Bihor.

The exhibition will display restored objects, accompanied by presentation files and photographs selected from restoration documentation, of great interest to those who are eager to see how the battle against time and its traces is currently saving what is left to be saved and even recovers a part of the beauty of these objects.

The exhibition will last until october 7th, at Scoala Satului, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 6 PM (Monday closed)

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